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Since 1998 we have offered over 1000 participants the experience of a lifetime from over 20 countries! Come and join us for the trip you'll never forget!


Are you a Veterinary Student, Veterinarian, Vet Nurse or in the Animal Science field? Looking for an internship or further skills development in Zoo, Exotics or Wildlife?

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Courses Offered in South Africa

Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Anesthesiology Course has been managing wildlife through chemical immobilization and mass capture practices since 1998. We have a passion for African Game Management and, through our courses, have found a way to share it with others. In doing so, we've created a community of Veterinarians that see the bigger picture and go on to do incredible things and, in their own way, inspire and change the world. This is not just a trip to Africa. We will test you and challenge the very nature of your SELF. You will find something very special here - MEANING - and when its time to leave us, you will realize that you have lost your heart to Africa, forever. In Afrikaans we don't say goodbye, we say "Totsiens" (Till we see each other again).