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Chemical Immobilization Courses

This course is for qualified veterinarians based in South Africa.


The CIC is a short 5 day intensive course that enables veterinarians to earn CPD points while engaging in Wildlife Chemical Immobilization principals. It is closely linked to Wildlife Pharmaceuticals South Africa and was developed to give participants access to the latest pharmaceutical developments, educate potential new Wildlife Veterinarians and address current challenges in the South African ranching industry. Days are typically divided into 2 parts with practical field captures in the mornings, when it is cool, and lectures through the afternoon and evening. There is a vast amount of material to cover, so strap in and get ready!


Participants are part of the veterinary and capture team. Its a hands-on approach with a wealth of knowledge and insight divulged by our lecturers.

During the course, participants can expect to receive lectures and practical experience in the following aspects:


  • Practical demonstrations and active participation in field work
  • Applied physiology
  • Pharmacological principles from injection to recovery
  • Current and new pharmacological preparations
  • Equipment- darting with a wide range of projectors
  • Basic principles of immobilization
  • Species specific information - Hoofstock, Elephant, Rhino, Feline Predators, Birds, Primates, Fish, etc
  • Problems under anesthesia
  • Accidental human injection
  • Confined space darting
  • Legal aspects of darting, keeping records and registers


Classes are structured around more or less 5 hours of hands on in-field work and 6 hours of lectures daily for 5 days. All of this while accommodated in Source Tree Lodge with 3 course dinners and a fire burning under the African sky.

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