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Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Anesthesia Courses


The main goal of the course to teach important principles and philosophy of immobilization, anesthesia, monitoring and recovery of different species in captivity. The course contains practical hands-on immobilization of species including but NOT guaranteed: feline, ruminant: buffalo, carnivores, large game: giraffe/elephant/rhino, equine: zebra, antelope, primate, birds, reptiles, fish and the smaller wildlife species. Species are dependent on what the particular zoo or wildlife establishment needs work done on. (Please note that we do not put any animal under anesthesia unnecessarily).


Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Anesthesia Course Abroad


Course Cost 2018 - EUR Please inquire

Duration - 6 Days

Location - Zoo

Accommodation -  Not Included

Meals - Lunch Included

Transport from/to Airport - Not Included

Extras - Includes Ice Breaker Evening, City Tour, Zoo Tour, etc


Choose this one if you need a shorter course closer to your location!

Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Anesthesia Course South Africa


Course Cost 2018 - US $3500.00

Duration - 13 Days

Location - Game Farms, Research Facility

Accommodation - Included

Meals - All Included

Transport from/to Airport - Provided (Kruger Mpumalanga Int Airport)

Extras -Includes trips to Kruger National Park, Rehabilitation Centers, Helicopter Darting, Elephant Interaction etc


Choose this one if you want to have the best time in Africa!


Our ZEWACs are presented by Dr Cobus Raath (Tsavran Pharmaceuticals) from Estonia and Dr Aleksandr Semjonov from South Africa. Both of these esteemed veterinarians have extensive experience and ground breaking careers in the Zoo, Exotics and Wildlife Fields. Their dedication to the profession has put them in high regard among colleagues from all over the world. We also make guest lecturers whom are specialists in their fields available for the courses.


During the course, participants can expect to receive lectures and practical experience in the following aspects:


  • Practical demonstrations and active participation in enclosure work
  • Applied physiology
  • Pharmacological principles from injection to recovery
  • Current and new pharmacological preparations
  • Equipment - darting practical
  • Basic principles of immobilization
  • Species specific information - Hoofstock, Elephant, Rhino, Feline Predators, Birds, Primates, Fish, etc
  • Problems under anesthesia
  • Accidental human injection
  • Confined space darting


ZEWAC Abroad



ZEWAC South Africa



Year Country Zoo/Facility Start Date End Date Confirmed
2017 Latvia Riga Zoo 29 Oct 04 Nov Yes
2018 Russia Moscow Zoo 01 Jul 07 Jul Yes
2018 Poland Warsaw Zoo 14 Oct 20 Oct Yes
2018 Germany TBA TBA TBA No

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